Why do Americans build such flimsy houses

As you know, in America very often hurricanes and other cataclysms occur, but houses are built from light materials. It would be more logical to build houses more durable, for example, from brick, so that they serve for many years. In fact, there are such houses, but only financially well-off people own them. In most cases, Americans live in ordinary and modest houses, which are built very quickly and most importantly, cheaply.

Why unreliable homes are being built in the US

The question to this answer is very simple: they often change their place of residence and move from one state to another, so they do not need high-quality expensive houses. American families can change their place of residence every year, so it makes no sense to build luxury homes and make major repairs.

Often, Americans take huge mansions on credit. But after all the credit is paid, the family is forced to part with all the real estate and move to another place and look for easier living space. The question is, why is this happening ?!

The answer lies in the need to pay large taxes for real estate. When the value of real estate in America increases, along with this, taxes on it increase, since their value directly depends on the market value of housing. And when the income of the American family does not increase, but remains at the same level, she is not able to maintain a house and pay taxes, so she is forced to put it up for sale.

The average American housing can be compared to a match construction or a house of cards, which has very thin walls, no solid and deep foundation, all the houses are mainly located on the ground, they have very high audibility. Plus, the buildings are surrounded by a rather flimsy fence, which also indicates the simplicity of building American housing.


It’s better not to dance on the second floor of such a house, because it can simply collapse from sudden movements.

In order to hang a framed photo or a picture on the wall, the Americans use a screwdriver, and not like us, drills and punchers. Walls are easily punched, and the front door is often thin and unreliable. There are many interesting stories on the web on this subject, for example, one of them says that one American in the house collapsed due to the fact that he hung a TV on it.

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Construction incomprehensible to Russians

Such construction technology is completely incomprehensible to Russian residents, because even our country houses are much more reliable than their residential buildings. The houses are built of beams, sheathed with particle boards, the walls are made of drywall, and the roof is covered with tiny tiles or roofing material. Obviously, such a house is unlikely to be able to stand for a long time.

All the materials that Americans use in the construction of their homes are artificial. Everywhere imitation of marble, stone or wood.

In addition, it is believed that their climate is quite warm, so it makes no sense to build quality houses. In addition, frequent hurricanes destroy housing, and rebuilding it is not so cheap. It is more logical to reconstruct a simpler dwelling, for which a minimum of funds was originally spent, than the one in which a fortune was invested.

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In addition, insurance companies can pay a certain amount of money to restore a house damaged by disasters, but this amount is only enough for a modest construction.


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